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Brigadeiros gourmet

Celina Brigadeiro


The Challenge:

I was looking for someone who could create a website that really represented my love for Brigadiers and all my work, and I'm really happy and satisfied with the final result, I loved the animations and interaction of the website.

Site Structure:

- Responsive site for any device.

- Fast and dynamic, the site offers better accessibility to visitors, and has a multilingual platform.

- Analytics and Performance - Integrated Marketing with Social Media Manager

- CRM Features - Contact Platform - Online Scheduling - Content Manager. Intuitive and customer-friendly platform.

Multilingual SEO:

Our digital marketing strategy focused on search engine optimization on each target language page.

Our mission is to make our SEO strategy as local and customer-centric as possible. While there is language overlap between certain markets, there are subtle differences between languages that affect search patterns and user behavior. To ensure that each article is as relevant as possible to the local market, all writing is done by locals from each country.


Celina Brigadeiro

Personalized service, very attentive, they tried to solve all my doubts and apply exactly what I needed inside the site.

Research sites:

We had the challenge of leaving Lea Oliveira's site in the first search lines of the state, our team worked with the indexing of the site working heavily with strong keywords.

Social Media

Our work went beyond just developing the site and working on the search engines, we also took care of the Social Media for the firm's social networks.


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