Graphic production

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Transforming ideas on impressions

Graphic production is the set of essential steps for the materialization of ideas and concepts created through layouts and is present from the printing of a simple business card to the production of elaborated catalogs.

The printed media are communication media aiming at solutions in printed media such as Folders, Catalogs, Blades, Flyers, Displays, Leaflets, Direct Mail, Pamphlets, among others. This type of media can be used in communication vehicles, such as newspapers, magazines, newsletters.

It is a traditional means of communication which refers to the materials that are printed in printers and printing places, which has won over an audience for years that has not yet been reached by the internet, but also consumes, with a different and no less important approach.

Print and online media reinvent themselves every day When the new media started to appear and then to become popular, it was thought that it would be the end of print media. But she is so close to the public that she is still there. And we can even say that the new media helped even more the printed material to have quality, better finish, more creativity and greater consistency in what is published.

Therefore, if used well, it can quickly bring great results for those who advertise or disseminate.

Among the several advantages of the printed media, it can be highlighted that it does not need specific equipment to be used and is easy to transport, is popular, adaptable to the pace of the reader, allows re-reading and selective reading, does not have a specific distribution schedule , in addition to having a low unit cost and can be integrated with any other medium, contributing to the advertising campaign.

With good planning and creativity, you can choose the best way to gain the maximum coverage needed and bring the best result to your company. There was no substitution of media, but an addition of the available means: the digital area has its unique qualities such as mobility, interactivity, the ability to measure results, while printed communication has great segmentation power and reaches an important age group in terms of purchasing power, in addition to covering large regions.

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