Your brand in good hands.

Way beyond a logo.

Branding takes care of all points of contact between a consumer and the brand. 

Branding is a strategic, conceptual, and planning activity. It goes far beyond the company's logo or visual identity. Branding is divided into the following stages: Detailing the Target Audience, Brand Positioning, Multisensory Construction.


The goal of a comprehensive Branding project is to achieve a unique position in the mind and heart of the consumer.


Your Target Audience.


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Research is essential to reach the target audience. It's time to find out who the company's target audience is, segment as much as possible and score in detail the characteristics of this group. Because only with this information will it be possible develop a Branding work precisely.

Brainstormbr Digital Marketing: Strategy, branding planning, naming, logo creation, brand redesign, visual identity.